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Why it is so hard?

Hm things changed recently. Hm Idk actually what has happened to me especially. Hm idk. Hm it's really turn me off. I can't have my days without him every single time. But he's totally changed. He has a new life. Seems he got more smiley on his face rather than before. He even ignores me, eventually. Why you make it fast? Why you leave too soon? Why you forgot all the things? Why you let me go? :( I just can't breathe seeing you with another girl. Seems you even closer to her day by day. Why should I have this feeling of jealousy? Why? Why it is so hard to let him go? Cuz I loved him too much before and I left him in sudden. Nahhh serve your right, dear self! Tsk tsk tsk T.T I do love him but it means nothing to him so does to me. hm don't you forget me :'( I can't tell you what I feel but please, feel me :( Feel it what I'm feeling towards you. Don't ask me cuz you know we have the same in common. Coincidence! :'( :'( :'(

You're a good man, indeed.

 I went thru all my albums and I found something so I decided to post an entry just for him. Maybe he's no longer stalking my blog but it's okay. I don't want to let him know what I'm going to post.

His name is Muhammad Ezzat Emir. I know he's cute. He'll still look cute in whatever he do. Hm for the first time I've got a really nice man ever. I never met man like him. Hm I know he'll get everything he wants and of course the love that really he deserves for. I loved him for a long time back and I know I still have the same feeling till now but I'm too dumb in making decision. Hmm maybe he deserves someone better than me.

You're such a nice good man. The way you treated me differently when no boys can do that. The way you understood my feelings, my crazy keep-changing moods all the way made me feel comfortable to be with you. But nahh the problem is me. I was truly wanted to change you to be what I aimed for but you'll never be. Cause you're really who you are. I'm really sorry. I know it's burdensome. hmm if I were in you shoe, I can't do that. Really can't do. But still, you have the patience to be with me. Hmmm :(

How I wish I can turn back the time. Be happy with you and no more tears tsk tsk tsk. Hm I just remembered all the memories we had together. Up until we're finished, you're still be the good man. You're not going to hate me. You're still wannabe my friend tho. Hmm thank you so much. But surely, I'm going to do something that will be a good memory to you :') Be happy awak. Good luck in your life. Be a good son to your parents and make they proud of you :) Nice to know you.